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Life's a Journey. It's time to "InJoy" the ride.

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"InJoy" is best described as a state of being. See below to learn more about experiencing InJoy and the process that will assist in restoring this sense of aliveness.


A state of being where the following is experienced:
  1. Clarity.
  2. Energetic alignment.
  3. A sense of joy, ease, and peace.
  4. Connection to your intuition.
  5. Living your true life's purpose.
The InJoy Journey is a process to restore this state.
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I believe we are meant to enjoy our journey of life. We have come with an innate purpose and when we live in alignment with this purpose, we feel most alive, a sense of joy and ease, and an inner knowing that we are on the right path. This is what I refer to as the state of “InJoy”.

Along this journey, we hit the occasional pothole, bump, or roadblock involving our old belief system, which can veer us from our true path. These beliefs are often linked to memories between the ages of 0-8 (key years of cognitive development and subconscious programming), which continue to play out in the events of our adult lives. This misalignment can later manifest into physical pain/illness and/or emotional pain, such as agony, angst, shame, or fear to name a few.

The InJoy Journey is a process where I intuitively guide you to identify and clear the beliefs that are holding you back. From here, I help you to form your own belief system that better serves and realigns you with your desires, so you can enjoy life.

If you are feeling thoughts of:
  • “I can’t do…”
  • “I’ll never get…”
  • “I’m not good enough.”
  • “I’m afraid to try because I might fail.”
  • “There’s never enough…”
  • Each day is a struggle and I dread getting out of bed.
  • I feel stuck with my career, health, finances, love life, etc.
the InJoy Journey is an ideal process for you.

Prior to the session, you can identify an area you would like to focus on, but this is not required. What needs to be healed is always revealed. And the beauty of this process is that once one block is removed, this aligned energy often trickles into and positively affects other areas of your life. Not only that, you will also leave with a greater sense of knowing what is true and right for you, which you will integrate into your life moving forward.

If you are ready to embark on a journey to find lasting joy, I invite you to join me. I will help you build your joy-map as we fill in the potholes, and clear the obstacles and roadblocks that have stopped you in your path. Life is a journey and it is time to “InJoy” the ride.

To learn more about the InJoy Journey, watch "The Injoy Journey Process: What to Expect"  16-minute video and reach out if you have any questions via the “Contact” section under "About".
Note: Please disregard the occasional frozen clip in the above Zoom interview video. Despite this, the sound quality and message are consistent. 

If you would like to book a session, click here.
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Starr’s journey began in the U.S Air Force, where she served for 13 years and distinguished herself as an Independent Duty Medical Technician. This later led her to a career in nursing, where she now has 20 plus years of working in pediatric intensive care, neonatal intensive care, emergency medicine, and hyperbaric nursing. Here her mission has always been to understand individual patient needs and to bring joy and peace to those entrusted to her. This philosophy later earned her a nomination for the Arizona Fabulous 50 Nurses, a recognition of outstanding nurses and their contribution to community health.

Following her life-altering bout with cancer, Starr set out on a new journey, which eventually led her to Chicken Soup for the Soul series’ co-author, Jack Canfield. After attending numerous soul-searching conferences and courses through the Canfield Training Group, Starr completed and assisted Jack Canfield in his prestigious Train-The-Trainer course, an extensive year-long program based on his national best-seller, The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be. The course was designed to train the next generation of success and motivational coaches in proven tools that help others achieve the life they want to live.

Furthering her career, she then underwent extensive training in both Energy Medicine with Donna Eden and Intuitive Life Coaching with Christie Marie Sheldon, where she now combines these methods to maximize rapid transformation, lasting results, and a greater sense of well-being for her clients.

While Starr’s mother had exposed her to the use of essential oils at a young age, it wasn’t until both her mom’s journey with cancer and her own that she expanded her skill set by taking a deep dive into the science of this powerful plant-based medicine. She now uses both her medical background and intuitive capabilities to create essential oil blends to help others along their journey and is A certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner  of the Dr. Benjamin Perkus’ Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) -- a process that uses essential oils and the science of scent to shift the awareness of negative personal experiences toward positive thoughts--to further her ability to do so.

Starr’s both personal and professional experiences have allowed her to live the InJoy Journey firsthand and have led her to share this through workshops, team coaching, and individual coaching, so others can achieve the life of their dreams.

Howard Thurman once said: "Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs are more people who have come alive." It’s Starr’s greatest joy to help others live in a state of joy and alignment with their true life's purpose. She believes that when we live from this place of "InJoy", we uplift the world.

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Ever since I can remember I've had a calling to help the world heal through the power of Joy. It's taken many different forms throughout the years with being a nurse, a cancer survivor, an individual with childhood trauma, and a life coach. While all these roles have helped others, I've always known there was a higher calling, one that kept pulling at my heartstrings. The one that was seemingly impossible, yet a dream that kept coming to me time and time again. The one that keeps me up at night and the one that makes my heart beat in sync with my soul. It was from this that InJoy Journey was born.

The vision for InJoy Journey became clear after describing it to a friend I met in 2012 at Jack Canfield’s Success Principles Train the Trainer event while enjoying a glass of wine over sunset. She immediately started writing it on a paper napkin and it was from this moment InJoy Journey came to life.

Jack is the beloved author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series as well as The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be. His success principles and daily disciplines include visualization, specifically visualizing in detail exactly what you want to create while taking planned and inspired action to get there. As such, I’ve been working on InJoy Journey for quite some time, yet it has also taken a back seat to my healthcare career.

The acute awareness over the past several years of increasing violence, hate-filled protests, and bombardment of negative news has been the catalyst to pivot even more in the direction of my dream. We as a nation have become more divided. With all the negative news and the escalation of violence, we have lost our ability to see one another with kindness. That being said, the pandemic has supercharged the need for InJoy Journey, especially as I witness and read more about increased levels of pandemic-induced anxiety, depression, fear, etc.

Post pandemic research is showing that COVID-19 has resulted in a world mental health crisis. Studies have shown a major increase in anxiety, depression, stress, and substance abuse, to name a few. Our healthcare and mental health systems have been impacted, our schools and social service systems are not equipped to handle the volume of students and families needing support, and the economic impact of the pandemic on communities and families continues to linger.
The mental health impact of COVID-19 will likely persist and be long lasting for several years after the pandemic. So as we lean into our post-pandemic lives, many are seeking a new better consisting of connection, unity, and community.

If we are to recover from isolation-induced mental health disorders, then we as communities need to come together as a way to heal through collective support. When we strengthen the bonds of community, we increase resilience for all of its members. This is true not just post-pandemic, but for current and future challenges that have the potential to cause further isolation.

Research shows that strong engaging communities are safer, healthier, and happier. Making positive connections allows us to feel like we are a part of something bigger than ourselves. Bringing individuals together through joy-filled events and shared fun helps build healthy, resilient communities. And serving others, alongside others, is a key ingredient to increased health, wellbeing, and success.

With that in mind and my heartfelt mission to spark joy in this world, I plan to take InJoy Journey both on the road and virtually. The InJoy Journey's 3-tier plan will highlight people, places, and events that are uplifting and joyful. The goal is to tour the nation, capturing joyful moments, and sharing them. This is in addition to hosting Spark Joy events that facilitate building healthy, happy, and resilient communities by bringing individuals together through joy-filled activities, shared fun, and laughter.

The Journey will be showcasing unique places and stories through social media, documentaries, blogs, and vlogs so that people can join and feel a part of the journey through joy. We will be highlighting and exploring common interests and places such as National Parks, interesting sites, and the areas most people dream of visiting, bringing these experiences to their living room where they can enjoy the sights and sounds with others.

These highlights will focus on the commonalities that unite and uplift our spirits and will make positive connections that allow us to feel like we are a part of something bigger than ourselves.

The world needs more Joy ... which is foundational to healing the planet!
Let’s inspire a nation to In~Joy life together!

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