21 May

As my birthday approaches, I was reflecting on the past years of life and was reminded of a country songs’ lyrics. “All gave some and some gave all”. Which I feel is a pretty good picture of year of the pandemic. All gave some, we all have experienced some form of loss this year. It may have been the loss of “normal”, our jobs, routines, or financial stability. Some gave all, some of us have experience to loss of loved ones, close friends, and coworkers. 

As we start opening back up to the “what does it look like going forward” in our communities, many questions are forming. From what is safe to how do we resume. We are witnessing the effects of this past year. Mental Health facilities are reporting higher numbers of depression and anxiety. The social isolation took a great toll on children, elderly, and those of us who are “social creatures”. 

So, what now…. The greatest question of all……. How do we start the healing process? First and foremost, we recognize it. All gave some. We all experienced loss at some level. There is no denying this fact. It is important for us to honor those feeling we are having and honor the feelings that others may have.  This is the time to be kind to ourselves and others. We may not be in the same boat; however, we have been in the same storm. 

During the past year and a half, I have been using Aroma Free to help me through this time for several things. I shared the process with people that have been feeling overwhelm in the grief process. The overwhelm dissolved to calmness and we are able to go about our day. What I love about this tool is it is quick and simple to use. 

The Aroma Reset uses essential oils and the power of scent to quicky “reset” the brain and return to a feeling of peace and wholeness. It allows us to gain clarity in the eye of the storm and make decision from the place of empowerment instead of fear and allows our emotions to flow in a more positive direction as we move into the post Covid normal. If you would like to know more about this 1 minute emotional support tool feel free to reach out to me.

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