28 Aug

During these times of change, it's easy to feel like your energy is being zapped and to experience overwhelm. Whether you call it spirit, higher power, God, the Universe, or the great rock in the garden, during these times we can forget to tap into our power source, which can lead to strife, an outcome of being misaligned with our true self. Not to worry, there's a simple and yet powerful way to return to this state of being. So get ready to tune in, tap in, and turn on your power source. 

A little background first...

I learned to maintain connection with my true self while studying with intuitive coach, Christie Marie Sheldon. Now looking back, I can't imagine my life without this technique as it makes me feel lighter, more expansive, and better able to hear my inner guidance. This is not only the sweet spot for getting your energy back, but it's also the magic manifesting sauce. When I applied this to my life, my goals and desires were met at a faster rate, serendipitous shifts occurred, my intuition was heightened, and I was able to remain peaceful and calm during stressful situations.

One of these stressful situations was my mother’s diagnosis of cancer, which was incurable. As I stayed connected and plugged into my true self, I was able to share beautiful authentic soul-filled conversations with her, which allowed us to heal old wounds. In showing her this technique, she then deepened her connection to her source, God. Through this connected space she was able to forgive situations and people in her past, make amends with some regrets, and move into a peaceful state. This also helped her through physical pain. We took comfort when she passed, as she peacefully did so with a smile on her face as if to say, "I’m home again". 

This experience was an affirmation of the strength that comes when we are tuned in and connected to source energy and the oneness it brings. I do believe we can reach this state daily, and from my own experience and my mother's, it's from this practice that we can stay grounded and peaceful no matter the circumstances.

I've outlined some simple steps below to integrate this technique into your life. The first step will address how to get connected and the following three steps will outline how to stay in this space. 

Have fun with this new practice and feel free to reach out with questions in the comment section below.

Getting Plugged-In

1.) Tune In, Tap in, and Turn On

Tune in- Start by allowing your awareness to tune into your source energy by imaging this energy as a light that's positioned far above your head. Bring your awareness to the light's proximity to you and the space that exists in between. 

Tap in- Allow this light to start pouring in through the top of your head. I like to imagine my guides and angels pouring pitchers of endless bright light in through the top of my head, illuminating every cell as it flows through my body. Then allow the light to go through your feet and into the center of the earth. Next allow that same light to move back up through the earth and into your body, to your heart center.

Turn on- Now that you are flowing with and being supported by this light from both above and below, it’s time to expand the energy. Take the light energy from your heart center and cast it out like rays of sunshine, extending 10’ around your body. As you allow this energy and light to flow, continue extending it outward until it spans the universe.

Now stop and notice how you feel in this state. Most people feel lighter and more joyful. This is our true state of being. As humans, it isn't uncommon to feel distant from this state as we engage in emotions of worry and fear, which can lead to feeling both heavy and overwhelmed. To maintain this true state of being, follow the steps below.

2.) Check-In

As with any new habit, practice is key to maintain momentum. Ideally, you want to be connected to source 100% of the time (this is where the magic happens). A simple way of doing this is setting reminders on your phone to check-in with yourself throughout the day. This can look like asking yourself: Are you feeling joyful? If not, reconnect by using step one, Tap In, Turn On, and Tune In. 

3.) Shake it Up

Sometimes we get stuck in a routine and end up ignoring our check-in reminders. If this starts happening, shake it up. Change your check-in times once a week to keep it fresh. Ideally, when first starting, check-in every hour, and as you build this practice and feel longer periods of peace, increase the time between check-ins.

4.) Keep it Going

And finally, with any new routine, it can be tricky to stay on track. If you find yourself off course, simply pat yourself on the back for all the times you've been plugged in and then, Tune In, Tap In, and Turn On to start again. The more we continue this process, the more we stay connected to our power source and the better we feel.

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