Aroma Reset

What is Aroma Reset? It is an Emotional Support Tool which is a variant of Aroma Freedom. It is a simple process to quickly release neagative thoughts and feelings you have about a situation. When we encounter moments of stress and overwhelm, our emotions sometimes “lock up” and we lose our ability to think clearly or make good decisions. This simple one-minute tool is designed to break this cycle through the power of scent. It aids in resetting the brain to feelings of peace and wholeness allowing for clarity and calmness. This emotional support tool utilizes Young living Oils and the power of scent. The olfactory nerve connects directly to the limbic system where we process and store emotions. By focusing the troubling event and the emotion that has surface while smelling a specific essential oil we create a mismatch allowing for the intensity of the emotion to calm, therefore allowing us to return to a state of wholeness. In essence, you "reset" your brain to feelings of peace and calmness. We have found this process extremely effective in many differ settings. Here are a few examples of how and when we have used them to help our clients, colleagues and friends. ~Procrastination ~Cravings ~Fear that does not allow you to make the next steps Ie calling a prospect or public speaking or having a difficult conversation ~Anxiety around an event ~grief ~stress and overwhelm from burn out Follow the link below for the direct Aroma Reset Bundle